Controller and Agent Security

The setup for the controller and agent creates user groups and services that together help provide security for your rig. The following groups are used to authenticate users:

Team Test Controller Users

Users who are allowed to submit tests to the controller.

Team Test Controller Administrators

Users who are allowed to perform administrative functions on the controller.

Team Test Agent Service

For security purposes, agents connect to the controller, and agents only accept tests from the controller they connect to. The controller only authorizes the agent to connect if the agent service user is in this group. Agents connecting as a user in this group can be used by the controller.

When a user connects to the controller, the controller authenticates the user and sets the privileges based on the group the user belongs to. If the user is not a member of one of these groups, the connection is rejected.

Controller users can submit runs, view results, and pause, postpone, or delete runs that they submitted. Controller administrators can additionally delete, pause, or postpone any run, and change the status of agents. For more information, see How to: Administer a Rig.

Installation Information

For instructions on how to install a rig and the user accounts and services you need to create, see the installation guide. For more information, see Setting Up the Controller and Agent Functionality

Working with Load Tests

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