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In addition to code examples found in the .NET Framework Class Library, most non-reference documentation in the .NET Framework section of the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) is interspersed with topics containing example code that demonstrates how to accomplish a particular task ("How-to" topics). Several technology sections also contain topics that describe, in sequence, a set of related tasks required to complete a larger scenario ("Walkthrough" topics).

This directory is designed to enable you to quickly locate these code examples for a particular technology area.



Portal or individual topics

Add-ins and Extensibility

Walkthrough: Creating an Extensible Application

Walkthrough: Enabling Backward Compatibility as Your Host Changes

Walkthrough: Passing Collections Between Hosts and Add-Ins

How to: Activate Add-ins with Different Isolation and Security Levels

How to: Use Qualification Data

Application Domains and Assemblies

Application Domains and Assemblies How-to Topics

Component Authoring

Programming with Components How-to and Walkthrough Topics


Configuration How-to Topics

Debugging and Profiling Applications

Debugging and Profiling How-to Topics

Deploying Applications

Deployment How-to Topics


Extending Design-Time Support How-to and Walkthrough Topics

Emitting Dynamic Methods and Assemblies

How to: Define and Execute Dynamic Methods

Entity Framework

Entity Framework Tasks

Formatting Strings

Formatting How-to Topics


Using Managed Graphics Classes


Advanced COM Interoperability How-to Topics

Interoperating with Unmanaged Code How-to Topics


Learning by Walkthroughs (LINQ to SQL)

Network Programming

Network Programming How-to Topics


How to: Examine and Instantiate Generic Types with Reflection


Security How-to Topics

Windows Forms;

See also: GDI+

Windows Forms Walkthroughs and How-to Topics in the .NET Framework

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