Heap Verifier

Depending on the properties selected the Heap verifier either uses guard pages or memory patterns to check for memory corruption issues in the heap. For more information on page heap, please refer to The Structure of a Page Heap Block.

Heap Verifier Stops

Following is a list of verifier stops that may occur when running the heap verifier against a project:

Error message

Attempt To Destroy Process Heap

Corrupted End Stamp of Block Header

Corrupted Infix Pattern For Freed Block

Corrupted Prefix Pattern

Corrupted Start Stamp Of Block Header

Corrupted Suffix pattern

Exception Raised While Verifying Block Header

Excessive Size For The Current Operation

Heap Handle With Incorrect Signature

Heap Operation Performed On An Invalid Heap Handle

Memory Access Operation in the context of a freed block: reuse-after-delete or double-delete

Memory Access Operation In The Context Of An Allocated Block: Heap Overrun or Heap Underrun

Multithreaded Access In A HEAP_NO_SERIALIZE Heap

Process Heap List Count Is Wrong

The Heap Block Object Of The Current Operation Is Corrupted

Unexpected Exception Raised In Heap Code Path