Project Property Pages

The Project Property Pages provide access to the settings that determine the overall configuration of your project in Visual Studio.

Opening the Project Property Pages

There are two ways of accessing the Project Property Pages for your currently loaded project:

  1. Right click the project name in Solution Explorer and select Properties from the context menu, or

  2. Click on the project name in the Solution Explorer and select Project from the top navigation and Properties from the context menu.

Accessing Application Verifier Properties

Once the Project Property Pages are opened, click on the Application Verifier node in the left pane of the dialog under Configuration Properties. This will access the properties for Application Verifier. The General node will display two categories in the right half of the dialog:

Heap Layer Advanced Settings

Use the items in the Heap Layer Advanced Settings to configure the method used by the Heap tests.

Verification Layer Settings

Use the items in the Verification Layer Settings to enable or disable the Heap, Handle, and Locks verifier tests.