Visual C# Documentation Roadmap

The Visual C# 2008 documentation contains information that is specific to the C# language, such as keywords, compiler options, error messages, and programming concepts. This documentation also gives you an overview of how to use the integrated development environment (IDE). In addition, there are many links to more detailed help on .NET Framework classes, ASP.NET Web development, debugging, SQL database programming, and much more.

The following diagram provides a conceptual view of the contents of the Visual C# documentation, and the relationship of this content to other relevant sections of the Visual Studio documentation and MSDN Online.

Visual C# Documentation Roadmap

Getting Started with Visual C#

How Do I in C#

Migrating to Visual C#

Using the Visual C# IDE

Writing Applications with Visual C#

C# Reference

Visual C# Samples

C# Compiler Options

For more information about creating Windows applications, see Windows-based Applications, Components, and Services.

For more information about creating Web applications, see Visual Web Developer.

For more information about the .NET Framework class library, see .NET Framework Class Library Overview.

For more information about the .NET Framework Common Language Runtime, the Common Type System, and other related concepts, see Overview of the .NET Framework.

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