Selecting Tests

You can select or check tests using the Team System testing tools windows. Both selecting and checking apply to individual and multiple tests.

In the Test List Editor, you select a test by clicking its row, or you can check a test by placing a check mark in the box in its row. Similarly, in the Test Results window, you can select a test result, or you can check it. In each case, a check mark indicates run. In the Test List Editor, you check a test in order to run it, and in the Test Results window, you mark the row of a test result in order to rerun the test that produced the result. Checking is a form of persistent selection; an item does not become unchecked unless you explicitly clear it. After you have selected tests, you can run or debug them. For more information, see How to: Run Selected Tests.

This also applies to test lists. Selecting a test list displays the tests it contains in the data pane. Checking it selects its tests for running. See How to: Organize Tests into Test Lists.

By contrast, in the Test View window, there are no check boxes. To run a test, you click its row and then click Run Selection.

In the Test List Editor and in the Test View window, selecting a test displays its properties in the Properties window. In any window, right-clicking displays a shortcut menu of context-specific options.

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