Managing Reports in Team Explorer

When you create a new team project, the New Team Project Wizard generates a set of standard reports according to the specifications in the process template. The reports are listed in a tree view and alphabetically under the Reports node for the team project. Each team project has its own Reports node. All of the reports that appear under the Reports node in Team Explorer are built with and stored in SQL Server Reporting Services.

The Reports node in Team Explorer provides a tree view of the various reports in your team project. Double-clicking the individual reports opens the Report Viewer and displays the selected report. Right-clicking the Reports node displays a series of commands to open the Report site, add a new folder, paste a copied folder, refresh the node to update the list of reports, or display the node properties.

These reports aggregate and summarize the metrics from such things as work items, source control, test results, and builds, and provide a view of the current state of your project. You can use the default standard reports, or you can customize each report to fit your specific needs. For more information about the purpose, layout, or use of each report, see the process guidance documentation.

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