Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.LoadTesting Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.LoadTesting namespace provides classes and interfaces that enable load testing of unit and Web tests. This namespace includes the LoadTest class that represents the current load test. This class contains properties and events that can be used by an implementation of the ILoadTestPlugin interface to extend the functionality of the load test.


  Class Description
Public class HeartbeatEventArgs Provides data for the HeartBeat event.
Public class InvalidLoadProfileException
Public class LoadTest Represents the load test being run.
Public class LoadTestAbortedEventArgs Provides data for the LoadTestAborted event.
Public class LoadTestConstantLoadProfile Represents the load profile of a load test that has a constant load pattern.
Public class LoadTestContext Encapsulates information about the context in which the load test is running.
Public class LoadTestGoalBasedLoadProfile Represents the load profile of a load test that has a goal-based load pattern.
Public class LoadTestLoadProfile
Public class LoadTestRunSettings Describes the load test run settings in use for the current load test run, as defined in the Load Test Editor.
Public class LoadTestScenario Represents a scenario that is contained within a load test.
Public class LoadTestStepLoadProfile Represents the load profile of a load test that has a step load pattern.
Public class LoadTestUserContext Encapsulates information about the user context in which a test is running, in a load test.
Public class PerformanceCounterValue Contains the computed value of a performance counter collected during a load test run.
Public class TestFinishedEventArgs Provides data for the TestFinished event.
Public class TestIterationResult Describes the result of running an individual test case within a load test.
Public class TestSelectedEventArgs Contains the arguments for the TestSelected event.
Public class TestStartingEventArgs Contains the arguments for the TestStarting event.
Public class ThresholdExceededEventArgs Provides data for the ThresholdExceeded event.


  Interface Description
Public interface ICounterProvider Defines an interface that an implementation of the IThresholdRule interface can use to obtain the current values of performance counters, other than the performance counter being tested.
Public interface ILoadTestPlugin Defines an interface that is implemented to allow a user written class to handle events that occur as the load test, and the tests contained within the load test, are run.
Public interface IThresholdRule Used to monitor the values of performance counters during a load test run to signal warnings or critical alarms when the value of a performance counters exceeds a threshold.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ThresholdRuleResult Specifies the results of applying a threshold rule to a performance counter sample.

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