How to: Add a Threshold Rule

Threshold rules in load tests compare a performance counter value with either a constant value or another performance counter value.

Adding a Threshold Rule

To add a threshold rule

  1. Open a load test.

  2. In the Load Test Editor, expand the Counter Sets node.

  3. Expand one of the Counter Categories in one of the Counter Sets. For example, you can select LoadTest:Scenario. Expand the node.

  4. Right-click one of the counters, for example, User Load, under LoadTest:Scenario. Select Add Threshold Rule.

    The Add Threshold Rule dialog box is displayed.

  5. You can choose from two types of rules: Compare Constant and Compare Counter. Select the appropriate type and set the values.


Set the Alert If Over property to True to indicate that exceeding a threshold is a problem. Set the Alert If Over property to False to indicate that falling below a threshold is a problem.

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