ATL Project Wizard

The Active Template Library (ATL) is a set of template-based C++ classes that simplify writing small and fast COM objects. The ATL Project Wizard creates a project with the structures to contain COM objects.


This wizard page describes the current application settings for the ATL project you are creating. By default, the project has the following settings:

  • Dynamic-link library   Specifies that your server is a DLL and therefore an in-process server.

  • Attributed   Specifies that your project uses attributes.

To change these defaults, click Application Settings in the left column of the wizard and make changes in that page of the ATL Project Wizard.

For information on the default project settings, including the choice of character set, and linking defaults, see Default ATL Project Configurations.

After you create an ATL project, you can add objects or controls to your project using Visual C++ code wizards. You can make the following types of enhancements to a basic ATL project using code wizards:

Additionally, consider these tasks when you create and enhance an ATL project:

You can specify project properties (for example, whether to link statically to the CRT) in the Project Properties page, and you can set build configurations for an ATL project. See Using Projects to Build Applications for more information.

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