Roman Legion Application Sample

This sample demonstrates Roman Legion, a battle game for the Pocket PC. Roman Legion is played by shooting arrows at encroaching enemies while moving left or right to avoid their attacks. Points are awarded for destroying enemies.

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To build the sample using Visual Studio

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to one of the language-specific subdirectories under the Roman Legion directory.

  2. Double-click the RomanLegion.sln file to open it in Visual Studio.

  3. Press F5 to compile and run the sample. You will be prompted to select whether to deploy the sample to a Pocket PC or to a Pocket PC emulator.

To run the sample

  • To move your character, click it and drag left or right.

  • To shoot an arrow, click the screen quickly.

The game is over when either of the following events occurs:

  • The character at the bottom of the screen is hit with an enemy arrow.

  • The enemies reach the bottom of the screen.


The .NET Compact Framework is required to build or run the sample. See How to: Install the .NET Compact Framework for installation instructions.

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