Visual Basic Runtime Namespace in Visual Studio

The Microsoft.VisualBasic namespace contains modules, enumerations, and attributes that provide the properties, functions, and constants you can use in Visual BasicĀ .NET applications. Examples of functions in this namespace include the following:

  • Microsoft.Visual Basic.Interaction.MsgBox

  • Microsoft.Visual Basic.Interaction.Shell

  • Microsoft.Visual Basic.Strings.Mid

  • Microsoft.Visual Basic.Collection.Count

Examples of properties and constants include Microsoft.Visual Basic.DateAndTime.TimeOfDay and vbCrLf.

Examples of attributes include VBFixedStringAttribute, VBFixedArrayAttribute, and ComClassAttribute.

This namespace also contains namespaces that provide types to support My objects, such as Microsoft.VisualBasic.Devices, which provides types to support objects such as My.Computer Object.

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