Deploying Applications and Components

Deployment is the process by which you distribute a finished application or component to be installed on other computers. In Visual Studio 2008, you can deploy applications or components using either ClickOnce deployment or Windows Installer deployment technology. For a discussion of the options available for deployment, see Choosing a Deployment Strategy.

The following topics will help you learn more about deployment:

In This Section

  • Choosing a Deployment Strategy
    Compares the two Visual Studio deployment technologies: ClickOnce and Windows Installer.

  • What's New in Deployment
    Describes deployment changes in Visual Studio 2008 from the traditional deployment model in previous versions of Visual Studio.

  • Deploying 64-bit Applications
    Describes installation on 64-bit platforms, supported both by ClickOnce and Windows Installer.

  • Adding Custom Prerequisites
    Describes the bootstrapper, a generic installer that you can configure to install prerequisite components.

  • ClickOnce Deployment
    Describes ClickOnce deployment allows you to publish Windows-based applications to a Web server or network file share for simplified installation.

  • Windows Installer Deployment
    Describes the traditional Windows Installer deployment technology, in which you create and distribute installer packages to users, and the user runs a Setup file to install the application.

  • Deployment Error Messages
    Describes error messages related to ClickOnce deployment and Windows Installer deployment.