Interoperation with COM+ 1.0 Security

You can extend an existing COM+ 1.0 application with new .NET Framework managed components. The COM+ 1.0 security context is still managed by COM+ 1.0, and the COM+ 1.0 administrative user interface is used to configure the application. Basically, from a COM+ 1.0 application, .NET Framework objects look like COM+ 1.0 objects.

To make .NET Framework objects visible to COM+ 1.0 security services, you must run tools (such as Tlbexp.exe) supplied by the Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) to generate type libraries for the public interfaces and register the objects so that COM+ 1.0 can locate them. COM+ 1.0 administrative facilities must be used to configure roles and other role-based security behavior.

There are some limitations to COM+ 1.0 security interoperability. COM+ 1.0 security properties are not propagated across process or machine boundaries or to newly created execution threads within managed code. COM+ 1.0 security services can only be used by managed code on Windows 2000 systems.

The .NET Framework provides several managed wrappers in the System.EnterpriseServices namespace that allow access to COM+ 1.0 security features.

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