Visual Studio Macros Error Messages

Errors generated by the Visual Studio Macros integrated development environment (IDE) are listed below. If you get an error message that is not described here, press F1 to view the associated Help topic.

<machinename> has lost the link to <servername>. Your work will be exported to <folder> when you quit the application.

<procedurename> is not a valid procedure name.

Cannot copy <filename>. Destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder.

Cannot copy <filename>. Destination folder is the same as the source folder.

Cannot debug. The debugger has not been started.

Cannot debug. The target URL was not valid.

Cannot debug. Unable to find Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Default/MDI environment options changes will not take effect until both IDE and the host are restarted.

Filename <filename> is not valid.

File type is not supported

Item <itemname> cannot be removed.

Item <itemname> cannot be renamed.

Items with the same name exist in the project <projectname>. Do you want to overwrite them and continue?

Menu item count <number> is not valid. It must be from 1 to 24.

Paste could not be completed because source item no longer exists.

Path is too long. Complete path must be less than 260 characters.

Projects cannot be named '.' or '..', nor can they contain any non-alphanumeric characters. The complete name cannot be more than 256 characters.

Search page location must be specified when 'Use default Internet Explorer setting' is unchecked.

Source project item referenced by this operation cannot be found in the projects collection.

Specified name conflicts with an existing file or folder name.

Microsoft Visual Studio is not responding. If this continues, please shut down and restart your application.

Unable to add folder <foldername>. An item with that name already exists.

Unable to open <filename>. The file does not appear to be a valid file.

Unable to rename macro. A macro with that name already exists.

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