Compiler Error CS1560

Invalid filename specified for preprocessor directive. Filename is too long or not a valid filename

The file name that was specified with #line (C# Reference) exceeded _MAX_PATH (256 characters) or the line on which #line was found exceeded 2000 characters.


The following sample generates CS1560.

// cs1560.cs 
using System; 
class MyClass 
   public static void Main()    
      Console.WriteLine("Normal line #1.");   
      #line 21 "MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890MyFile1234567890.txt"   // CS1560