What's New in Upgrading

Visual Basic 2008 includes several new features for upgrading Visual Basic 6.0 applications and code to Visual Basic 2008.

What's New in Visual Basic Upgrading



Support for Printer object

Visual Basic 2008 now has a Printer object that enables upgraded Visual Basic 6.0 Printer code to run without modification.

Support for the PrintForm method

Visual Basic 2008 now has a PrintForm component that duplicates the functionality of the Visual Basic 6.0 PrintForm method. It also includes new capabilities such as print preview and the ability to print to a file.

Support for Line and Shape controls

The Visual Basic 6.0 Line and Shape controls are now upgraded to Visual Basic 2008.

Line and Shape upgrade requires a reference to the Visual Basic Power Packs controls. You can download the Visual Basic Power Packs from the Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 Power Packs page on the MSDN Web site.

Support for phased migration of Visual Basic 6.0 applications

If you are not ready to upgrade your Visual Basic 6.0 application, you can still take advantage of the benefits of .NET Framework by using the Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0. The Interop Forms Toolkit enables you to create new forms or User Controls in Visual Basic 2008 and use them in Visual Basic 6.0 applications.

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