Batch Build Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to build multiple project configurations all at one time. You can decide, for example, to build every project configuration of a project with one command. You can access this dialog box from the Build menu.

Check the Project Configurations to Build

Each entry includes the following fields:

  • Project
    Displays names of projects in the current solution. Multiple entries for the same project can appear, once for each project configuration. All entries for all projects are listed in a single flat list.

  • Configuration
    Displays the kind of project build specified by the selected solution configuration (Solution Config).

  • Platform
    Displays the name of the platform on which the project will run.

  • Solution Config
    Displays the solution build configuration that will provide context as this kind of project configuration is built for the specified platform. For example, suppose project P1 depends upon resources from another project, P2. The solution configuration will specify that the project configuration of P1 for this platform be built, and that the project configuration of P2 that will provide the resources needed by P1 also be built.

    To change a solution configuration, use the Configuration Manager Dialog Box to edit the solution configuration or create a new one. After you have changed a solution configuration, click Rebuild in this dialog box to batch build all the project configurations.

  • Build
    Specifies whether or not to include in the batch build the project configuration specified.


  • Build
    Builds only those project items for the selected combinations of project configuration and platform that have changed since the last build.

  • Rebuild
    Does a complete build from scratch of all items for the selected project items for the selected combinations of project configuration and platform.

  • Clean
    Deletes all intermediary files and output directories for the selected combinations of project configuration and platform.

  • Select All
    Marks every project configuration to be included in the batch build.

  • Deselect All
    Removes every project configuration from the batch build.

  • Close
    Closes the Batch Build dialog box.

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