New Solution Configuration Dialog Box

Use the New Solution Configuration dialog box to create a new solution build configuration.

Access this dialog box from the Configuration Manager dialog box by selecting <New...> from the Active Solution Configuration drop-down list.

  • Solution configuration name
    The name for the new solution configuration. Configuration names cannot contain the following characters:

    • pound (#)

    • percent (%)

    • ampersand (&)

    • asterisk (*)

    • vertical bar (|)

    • backslash (\)

    • colon (:)

    • double quotation mark (")

    • less than (<)

    • greater than (>)

    • period (.)

    • question mark (?)

    • forward slash (/)

    • leading or trailing spaces (' ')

    • names reserved for Windows or DOS

      (nul, aux, con, com1, lpt1, and so on)

  • Copy settings from
    Lists existing configurations for the current solution. If you choose (Default), the default settings are used.

  • Also create new project configuration(s)
    When selected, directs the integrated development environment (IDE) to find existing project configurations that include this solution configuration name, or to create new ones. As needed, the IDE might also revise the name of an existing project configuration to include a specified platform name. For more information, see Build Configurations.

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