Command-Line Options

Team Foundation version control includes an ample set of command line commands. These commands share many options. These options are described in the following sections. For more information, see Tf Command-Line Utility Commands.

Option Shortcuts


Option Alias












-?, -H

























You can abbreviate and use shortcuts for Team Foundation command options.

Global Options

The following options can be applied to all Team Foundation commands:

  • /noprompt

    /noprompt is used to suppress any comments or errors that would otherwise be displayed during the completion of this operation.


    If you specify a command file switch ("@"), the Team Foundation commands that follow it are non-interactive. Therefore, you do not have to include the /noprompt option for commands that appear in a command file.

  • /login

    /login is used to specify the user name and password to authenticate the user with the Team Foundation Server. The usage is /login:username[,password]. If /login:username is supplied but /noprompt is not, the user is prompted for the password. If /login:username,password is specified, Team Foundation Server uses the supplied parameters.

Specialized Options

You can use the following option to perform command line operations:




Specifies that Team Foundation should use file name.tfc for additional instructions.

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