Run-Time Library Reference

The Microsoft run-time library provides routines for programming for the Microsoft Windows operating system. These routines automate many common programming tasks that are not provided by the C and C++ languages.

Sample programs are included in the individual reference topics for most routines in the library.

In This Section

  • Debug Routines
    Provides links to the debug versions of the run-time library routines.

  • Run-Time Error Checking
    Provides links to functions that support run-time error checks.

  • Run-Time Library Behavior
    Discusses the entry point into the CRT DLL.

  • Visual C++ Libraries
    Provides links to the various libraries provided with Visual C++, including ATL, MFC, OLE DB Templates, the C run-time library, and the Standard C++ Library.

  • Debugging
    Provides links to using the Visual Studio debugger to correct logic errors in your application or stored procedures.

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