getMinutes Method

Returns the minutes value in a Date object using local time.

function getMinutes() : Number


To get the minutes value using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), use the getUTCMinutes method.

The getMinutes method returns an integer between 0 and 59 equal to the minute's value stored in the Date object. A zero is returned in two situations: when the time is less than one minute after the hour, or when the time was not stored in the Date object when the object was created. The only way to determine which situation you have is to also check the hours and seconds for zero values. If they are all zeroes, it is nearly certain that the time was not stored in the Date object.


The following example illustrates the use of the getMinutes method.

function TimeDemo(){
   var d, s = "The current local time is: ";
   var c = ":";
   d = new Date();
   s += d.getHours() + c;
   s += d.getMinutes() + c;
   s += d.getSeconds() + c;
   s += d.getMilliseconds();


Version 3

Applies To:

Date Object

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