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Adding a web reference to a C++ project is not supported in Visual Studio 2010. You can add wsdl files to C++ projects, but you must write a custom build tool to compile the file by using wsutil, which ships with Visual Studio 2010.

The Web References property page specifies how the XML Web service proxy class will be generated. An XML Web service proxy class will be generated if you add a web reference to your project. See Add Web Reference for more information.

The Web References property page contains the following properties:

  • Output file
    The name of the file to contain the XML Web service proxy class.

  • Suppress Startup Banner
    Do not display the banner for the Web Services Description Language Tool (Wsdl.exe).

  • Namespace
    Specifies the name of the generated web proxy.

  • Additional References
    Specifies the additional DLLs referenced by the proxy DLL.

For information on how to access the Web Reference property page, see How To: Specify Project Properties with Property Pages.

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September 2011

Noted that the Add Web Reference option was removed in Visual Studio 2010.

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