/codepage (Visual Basic)

Specifies the code page to use for all source-code files in the compilation.






Required. The compiler uses the code page specified by id to interpret the encoding of the source files.


To compile source code saved with a specific encoding, you can use /codepage to specify which code page should be used. The /codepage option applies to all source-code files in your compilation. For more information, see Character Encoding in the .NET Framework.

The /codepage option is not needed if the source-code files were saved using the current ANSI code page, Unicode, or UTF-8 with a signature. Visual Studio saves all source-code files with the current ANSI code page by default, unless the user specifies another encoding in the Encoding dialog box. Visual Studio uses the Encoding dialog box to open source-code files saved with a different code page.


The /codepage option is not available from within the Visual Studio development environment; it is available only when compiling from the command line.

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