Managing Application Resources

You can use the Resource Designer to create and manage resources for your project. The Resource Designer supports resource types such as strings, images, icons, audio, and files.

The Resource Designer is language-neutral and supports projects in all the Visual Studio languages:

  • For Visual C#, the Resource Designer generates strongly-typed resources in the project's default namespace (specifically, ProjectName.Properties in Resources.Designer.cs).

  • For Visual Basic, the Resource Designer generates strongly-typed resources in the My.Resources namespace (in Resources.Designer.vb). For information about how to access resources in Visual Basic through the My.Resources object, see Accessing Application Resources (Visual Basic).

For more information about how the Resource Designer maintains resources and designer information, see Resources Page, Project Designer.

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How to: Add or Remove Resources

How to: Add or Remove String Resources

How to: Edit Resources

How to: Edit String Resources

How to: Associate an Editor with a Resource Type

Linked and Embedded Resources

How to: Create Embedded Resources

How to: Import or Export Resources

Resources Page, Project Designer

Accessing Application Resources (Visual Basic)

My.Resources Object

Resources in Applications (.NET Framework)

Resgen.exe (Resource File Generator)