CComSafeDeleteCriticalSection Class

This class provides methods for obtaining and releasing ownership of a critical section object.

class CComSafeDeleteCriticalSection : public CComCriticalSection


CComSafeDeleteCriticalSection derives from the class CComCriticalSection. However, CComSafeDeleteCriticalSection provides additional safety mechanisms over CComCriticalSection.

When an instance of CComSafeDeleteCriticalSection goes out of scope or is explicitly deleted from memory, the underlying critical section object will automatically be cleaned up if it is still valid. In addition, the CComSafeDeleteCriticalSection::Term method will exit gracefully if the underlying critical section object has not yet been allocated or has already been released from memory.

See CComCriticalSection for more information on critical section helper classes.


Header: atlcore.h

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