SccDirQueryInfo Function

This function examines a list of fully qualified directories for their current status.

SCCRTN SccDirQueryInfo(
LPVOID  pContext,
LONG    nDirs,
LPCSTR* lpDirNames,
LPLONG  lpStatus


  • pContext
    [in] The source control plug-in context structure.

  • nDirs
    [in] The number of directories selected to be queried.

  • lpDirNames
    [in] An array of fully qualified paths of the directories to be queried.

  • lpStatus
    [in, out] An array structure for the source control plug-in to return the status flags (see Directory Status Code Enumerator for details).

Return Value

The source control plug-in implementation of this function is expected to return one of the following values:




The query was successful.


The source code control system does not support this operation.


There was a problem accessing the source control system, probably due to network or contention issues. A retry is recommended.



Nonspecific failure.


The function fills the return array with a bitmask of bits from the SCC_DIRSTATUS family (see Directory Status Code Enumerator), one entry for each directory given. The status array is allocated by the caller.

The IDE uses this function before a directory is renamed to check whether the directory is under source control by querying whether it has a corresponding project. If the directory is not under source control, the IDE can provide the proper warning to the user.


If a source control plug-in chooses to not implement one or more of the status values, unimplemented bits should be set to zero.

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