Toolbox (Visual Studio SDK)

The Visual Studio Toolbox provides a collection of .NET Framework objects, derived from Component, or ActiveX controls, derived from IDataObject, providing functionality to editors and designers through the IDE's drag-and-drop mechanism.

There are two basic ways in which a VSPackage works with the Visual Studio Toolbox:

  • A VSPackage can add new data items and ActiveX controls to the Toolbox.

  • A VSPackage can be a target or consumer of existing Toolbox functionality, supporting the drag-and-drop operations and configuring the Toolbox's appearance.

By default, controls provided by a VSPackage must support one or more of the following Clipboard formats:

Clipboard format



Specifies the standard American National Standards Institute (ANSI) text format.


Specifies text that consists of HTML data.


Specifies .NET Framework-based controls.

Under the Managed Package Framework, Toolbox controls provided as ToolboxItem automatically support this format.

For information about providing items to the Visual Studio Toolbox, including items of non-standard format, see Advanced Toolbox Control Development and How to: Provide Custom Toolbox Items By Using Interop Assemblies.

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