How to: Copy Code Metrics Results to the Clipboard

You can copy results from the Code Metrics Results window to the clipboard and paste them to another application, such as a text editor or word processor. Each copy puts multiple lines of information into the clipboard.

For example, assume an application contains a method called WriteOutput and the results for WriteOutput were copied to the clipboard. The information in the clipboard would resemble the following text:

    Project: TranslateSdkToc.csproj

    Configuration: Debug

    Scope: Member

    Assembly: C:\Documents and Settings\someone\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\TranslateSdkToc2\bin\Debug\TranslateSdkToc.exe

    Namespace: TranslateSdkToc

    Type: TranslateSdkToc

    Member: WriteOutput(System.IO.FileStream,System.String):System.Void

    Maintainability Index: 75.53

    Cyclomatic Complexity: 2.00

    Class Coupling: 4.00

    Lines of Code: 12.00

To Copy code metrics results to the clipboard

  • Right-click the line of results that you want to copy and then click Copy.

    - or -

  • Select the line of results that you want to copy and then press Ctrl + C.

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