Module.LoadSymbols Method

Loads the symbols from the specified symbols file. This is equivalent to clicking the Load Symbols command on the context menu of the Modules window.

Namespace:  EnvDTE90
Assembly:  EnvDTE90 (in EnvDTE90.dll)


Sub LoadSymbols ( _
    SymbolPath As String _
void LoadSymbols(
    string SymbolPath
void LoadSymbols(
    [InAttribute] String^ SymbolPath
abstract LoadSymbols : 
        SymbolPath:string -> unit 
function LoadSymbols(
    SymbolPath : String


  • SymbolPath
    Type: System.String
    A string representing the path to the symbols file for the module.


If symbols for this module are visible on the search path, the SymbolPath parameter is ignored. If symbols are not visible, this method attempts to load them via the SymbolPath parameter.

If symbols are not available on the symbol path or from the SymbolPath parameter, then this method will either prompt you (if SuppressUI is false) or fail with E_FAIL and the message, "Symbols for module could not be loaded."

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