Building in Visual Studio

Visual Studio provides tools for testing and debugging applications as you build them. When you create a project, default project configurations are defined and default solution build configurations are assigned to provide context for builds. You can edit these default configurations, and you can create new configurations by saving modified copies of the default ones.



Builds During Application Development

Explains how to use Debug and Release builds, and introduces build configurations.

Build Configurations

Provides general background about how to use solution build configurations and project configurations.

Build Platforms

Explains how to manage platforms in Visual Studio.

How to: Prepare and Manage Builds

Explains how to set the build order and save options, and how to build or rebuild a solution or project.

Build User Interface Elements

Links to documents that describe user interface elements that are associated with building.

Using Solution Explorer

Describes how to access solutions and projects in Solution Explorer.

Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files

Explains how to manipulate project files in Solution Explorer.

Configuration Manager Dialog Box

Describes how to use the Configuration Manager dialog box to select and edit build configurations.

Solution Property Pages Dialog Box

Explains how to edit solution properties.

Startup Project, Common Properties, Solution Property Pages Dialog Box

Describes how to use the Startup Project property page for a solution.

Project Properties

Provides background information about project properties.

Working with Project Properties

Explains how to set the properties of a Visual C++ project.

Batch Build Dialog Box

Explains how to perform batch builds of projects.