JScript Conditional Structures

Statements in JScript are normally executed sequentially in the order in which they appear in the script. This is called sequential execution and is the default direction of program flow.

An alternative to sequential execution transfers the program flow to another part of a script as a result of conditions that a script encounters. That is, instead of executing the next statement in the sequence, a statement at another location is executed. Another alternative is called iteration, which involves repeating the same sequence of statements multiple times. Iteration is frequently achieved using loops.

In This Section

  • Conditional Statements
    Describes the concept of condition statements and explains several common types of expressions used as condition statements.

  • Control Structures
    Describes the two types of control structures provided by JScript, selection control structure and repetition control structure, and the uses of both.

  • Conditional Statement Use
    Illustrates how to use some conditional statements by providing examples of the if statement and do...while loop.

  • Conditional Operator
    Describes how to use the conditional operator and its relationship to the if...else statement.

  • Loops in JScript
    Introduces the concept of loops in JScript and lists links to information that explains how to use the loop constructs within JScript code.

  • JScript Data Types
    Includes links to topics that explain how to use primitive data types, reference data types, and .NET Framework data types in JScript.

  • JScript Reference
    Lists elements that compose JScript Language Reference and links to topics that explain the details behind the proper use of language elements.