GC (VSPerfCmd)

The GC option enables the collection of .NET Framework memory allocation and object lifetime data. The GC option can only be used with the sampling profiling method and only with the Launch option.

When you are using the GC option, the VSPerfClrEnv /sampleon command is not required.

If no parameters are specified, or if the Allocation parameter is specified, only .NET Framework memory allocation data is collected. If the Lifetime parameter is specified, both .NET Framework memory allocation and .NET Framework object lifetime data is collected.

VSPerfCmd.exe /Launch:AppName /GC[:{Allocation|Lifetime}] [Options]


  • Allocation
    Default. Collects .NET Framework memory allocation data.

  • Lifetime
    Collects both .NET Framework memory allocation data and .NET Framework object lifetime data.

Required Options

The GC option can only be used with the Launch option.

  • **Launch:**AppName
    Starts the specified application and begins profiling with the sampling method.


The following example launches an application and collects .NET Framework memory allocation data.

VSPerfCmd.exe /Launch:TestApp.exe /gc

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