Defining Your Test Matrix Using Test Configurations

A test configuration is a set of configuration variables that specify the correct setup required for testing an application. You can create test configurations for your test plan using Microsoft Test Manager.

The configuration variables include hardware, operating system, software, and any other characteristics that are important to use when you run the tests. Each test configuration can represent an entry in your test matrix.

Configuration variables and configurations


Use the following topics to help define your test configurations:


Associated Topics

Defining the Characteristics of Your Test Configurations: You can create and edit configuration variables, each of which defines one characteristic of the testing environment. For example, a characteristic might be the operating system for your test environment and the value might be "Windows XP."

Creating Test Configurations: You can use one or more test configuration variables to create a test configuration. This test configuration can represent an entry in your test matrix that you plan to use to run tests.

Planning Which Tests Are Run on Your Test Configurations: You can add default test configurations to your test plan to specify that all tests in each suite will run with each of the default configurations. You can also add other configurations for specific suites and tests.

Deleting Test Configurations: You can only delete test configurations that are not referenced in a test result.

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