How to: Delete a Test Configuration

In Microsoft Test Manager, you can delete test configurations as shown in the following illustration. Test configurations can be associated with test suites or with individual tests. However, if a test configuration is referenced in a test result or is a default configuration for a test plan or a test suite, you cannot delete that configuration. Alternatively, you can change the state of the configuration to inactive so that it can no longer be selected as a default configuration for a test suite or a test plan. For more information, see How to: Set a Test Configuration To Be Inactive.

Delete Test Configuration


If you try to delete a test configuration that is referenced in a test result or that is in a default configuration for a test plan or a test suite, you will be given the choice to set the configuration to inactive instead.


To delete a test configuration

  1. Open Microsoft Test Manager.


    To display the Microsoft Test Manager window, click Start, and then click All Programs. Point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and then click Microsoft Test Manager 2010.

  2. From the Testing Center, click Organize and then click Test Configuration Manager.

    The Test Configuration Manager pane is displayed.

  3. Select the test configuration that you want to delete.

  4. To delete the test configuration, click Delete.

    A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  5. Click Delete test configuration.

    The test configuration is deleted.

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