Sharing Work Items and Queries with Team Members

You can send the details about a particular work item, a list of work items, or a work item query by e-mail to team members, clients, or other interested parties. Also, you can create hyperlinks to these items that recipients can open, view, save, and modify, provided that they have the necessary access and permission to Team Foundation Server. 

You can organize and share your queries and team queries by using folders and subfolders. Your query folders are located in the following two nodes under Work Items:

  • My Queries: Queries in this folder are visible only to you. When you create queries for your use, you can save them in the My Queries folder. For example, you might create a query to find all active tasks that are assigned to you. Since the query is focused on your own work, it can be saved in your My Queries folder.

  • Team Queries: Queries in this folder are visible to the team. For example, you might create a query named All Work Items, which each team member must run. To make this query accessible to others, you can store it under Team Queries.


    You can set permissions for queries and query folders only when using Team Explorer. When you access queries and query folders by using Team Web Access, the permissions that you set by using Team Explorer are used for Team Web Access.

For queries that you frequently want to access, you can organize and store them in Favorites or My Favorites. Favorites is located in the quick launch area in Team Web Access, and My Favorites is located at the top of the Team Explorer window. You can also create folders and subfolders under each of these nodes. For more information about favorites, see Access Frequently Used or Recently Viewed Work Items, Queries, and Reports.


Queries, folders, and subfolders under My Queries or Team Queries folders appear the same across Team Web Access and Team Explorer. However, queries, folders, subfolders, and other elements added to the Favorites area in Team Web Access will appear differently than those added to My Favorites in Team Explorer because the elements for these two areas are maintained as two separate lists for Team Web Access and Team Explorer.

Common Tasks

Common tasks

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Organize and share your work item queries. You can share your work item queries by storing them under Team Queries, you can organize them by using folders and subfolders, and you can define who can view, modify, and delete these items.

Organize and Set Permissions on Work Item Queries

Share work item data. You can send a hyperlink or the details of a work item by e-mail.

Share Work Items

Share a work item query. You can use e-mail to share a hyperlink that runs a work item query, or to share a work item query (.wiq) file. Recipients can then open, save, and modify the query.

Share a Work Item Query

Common tasks

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Get notified of changes that were made to work items. When specific work items change, the system can automatically send a notification e-mail message to you or to a distribution list.

Topic to be provided in the next release.

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