Publish Work Items in Office Excel

You must publish the changes to work items that you completed in Office Excel for them to be stored in Team Foundation Server and accessible to your team members. Successful publishing results in an ID assigned to each new work item. In addition to the work items being published, links are defined for each of the parent-child relationships that are represented in the tree list.


Publishing a work item list can take several minutes to complete.

To publish additions and changes to work items

  1. Review the worksheet and search for any required fields that are blank. For tree lists, correct any of the following errors:

    • A row between parent and child work items that is left blank.

    • The title of a work item that is in the wrong column.

    • More than one Title column for the same work item contains data.

  2. Click the Team tab.

  3. In the Work Items group, click Publish.


    You cannot publish changes to hierarchical link relationships that are locked by another process, such as Project Server integration. Receipt of error TF208104 indicates that the changes you made to the fields are published, but all changes you made to the link hierarchy, whether locked or not locked, are not published. For more information, see Addressing Error TF208104: Hierarchical Link Relationship Is Locked.

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