Properties of Types in UML Class Diagrams

In a UML Class Diagram in Visual Studio Ultimate, a type is a class, an interface, or an enumeration. 


This topic is about the properties of types in UML Class Diagrams. For more information, see the following topics:


These are the properties of a class, interface or enumeration.

To see the properties of a type, right-click the type in the diagram or in UML Model Explorer, and then click Properties. The properties appear in the Properties window.



Appears in



A default name

All elements

Identifies the element.

Qualified Name

Containing Package :: Type Name

All elements

Identifies the element uniquely. Prefixed with the qualified name of the package that contains it.


Default for the kind of type

All elements

The color of this shape. Unlike the other properties, this is not a property of the underlying model element. Different views of the same type can have different colors.

Is Abstract



If true, the class cannot be instantiated, and is intended for use as a base class.

Is Leaf


Class, Interface

If true, the type is not intended to have derived types.

Is Active



If true, each instance of this type is associated with a thread of control.



Class, Interface, Enumeration

  • Public - globally visible.

  • Private - this type is visible within the package that owns it.

  • Package - visible within the package.

Work Items

0 associated

All elements

The number of work items associated with this element. To associate work items, see How to: Link from Model Elements to Work Items.



All elements

You can make general notes about the item here.

Template Binding


Class, Interface, Enumeration

If not empty, this type is defined by binding parameter values to this template class. Expand the property to see the bindings of the template parameters.

Template Parameters


Class, Interface, Enumeration

If not empty, this is a template class that has the parameters listed here. To add parameters or view the properties of individual parameters, click […].

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