IClassificationFormatMap Interface

Maps from a IClassificationType to a TextFormattingRunProperties object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Classification
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.UI.Wpf (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.UI.Wpf.dll)


Public Interface IClassificationFormatMap
public interface IClassificationFormatMap
public interface class IClassificationFormatMap
type IClassificationFormatMap =  interface end
public interface IClassificationFormatMap

The IClassificationFormatMap type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property CurrentPriorityOrder Gets a read-only list of the IClassificationType objects supported by this format map, sorted by priority.
Public property DefaultTextProperties Gets or sets the default properties that are applied to all classification types. The default properties contain the set of minimal properties required to render text properly.
Public property IsInBatchUpdate Determines whether this IClassificationFormatMap is in the middle of a batch update.



  Name Description
Public method AddExplicitTextProperties(IClassificationType, TextFormattingRunProperties) Adds a TextFormattingRunProperties to a new IClassificationType.
Public method AddExplicitTextProperties(IClassificationType, TextFormattingRunProperties, IClassificationType) Adds a TextFormattingRunProperties to a new IClassificationType.
Public method BeginBatchUpdate Begins a batch update on this IClassificationFormatMap. Events will not be raised until EndBatchUpdate is called.
Public method EndBatchUpdate Ends a batch update on this IClassificationFormatMap and raises an event if any changes were made during the batch update.
Public method GetEditorFormatMapKey Gets the key used to store the associated properties of classificationType in the underlying IEditorFormatMap.
Public method GetExplicitTextProperties Gets the explicit TextFormattingRunProperties for the specified classification type.
Public method GetTextProperties Gets the TextFormattingRunProperties for a given text classification type.
Public method SetExplicitTextProperties Sets the explicit TextFormattingRunProperties of an IClassificationType.
Public method SetTextProperties Sets the TextFormattingRunProperties of an IClassificationType.
Public method SwapPriorities Switches the priorities of two IClassificationType objects.



  Name Description
Public event ClassificationFormatMappingChanged Occurs when this IClassificationFormatMap changes.


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