Microsoft.VisualStudio.Language.Intellisense Namespace


  Class Description
Public class BulkObservableCollection<T> Represents an ObservableCollection<T> that includes the AddRange() operation.
Public class Completion Represents a completion item, including the icon, insertion text, and display text, in a CompletionSet.
Public class CompletionPresenterStyle Defines a set of properties that will be used to style the default completion presenter.
Public class CompletionSelectionStatus Represents the full selection status of a completion set.
Public class CompletionSet Represents a set of completions.
Protected class CompletionSet.CompletionMatchResult Stores information about the completion match result.
Public class CurrentParameterChangedEventArgs Provides information about the change of the current parameter in a signature help session.
Public class FilteredObservableCollection<T> Represents a filtered observable collection.
Public class IconDescription Describes the icon to use for displaying items in statement completion.
Public class IntellisenseSpaceReservationManagerNames Defines the names of the space reservation managers used by the default IntelliSense presenters.
Public class QuickInfoPresenterStyle Defines a set of properties that will be used to style the default QuickInfo presenter.
Public class SelectedSignatureChangedEventArgs Provides information about selected signature changes for the SelectedSignatureChanged event.
Public class SignatureHelpPresenterStyle Represents a set of properties used to define the style of the default signature help presenter.
Public class SmartTag A tag used to contain actions that may be performed on a span of text as part of a smart tag session.
Public class SmartTagActionSet Represents a set of smart tag actions.
Public class ValueChangedEventArgs<TValue> Provides information about value changes of all kinds.


  Interface Description
Public interface ICompletionBroker Represents the central broker responsible for statement completion.
Public interface ICompletionSession Represents a statement completion session, which is a type of IntelliSense session.
Public interface ICompletionSource Provides completions for a given content type.
Public interface ICompletionSourceProvider Provides completion sources.
Public interface ICustomCommit Provides custom commit operations for completions.
Public interface ICustomIntellisensePresenter Defines a custom IntelliSense presenter.
Public interface ICustomKeyboardHandler Defines a custom handler of keyboard events
Public interface IGlyphService Gets a standard set of glyphs.
Public interface IIntellisenseCommandTarget Provides a way to intercede in the command-handling chain to handle keyboard commands.
Public interface IIntellisenseController Controls the IntelliSense process for one or more subject ITextBuffer objects exposed through a single ITextView.
Public interface IIntellisenseControllerProvider Creates IntelliSense controllers for a specific ITextView object.
Public interface IIntellisensePresenter Defines a presenter of IntelliSense information.
Public interface IIntellisensePresenterProvider Creates IntelliSense presenters over a given IntelliSense session.
Public interface IIntellisenseSession Represents an IntelliSense session, or a single instance of the IntelliSense process.
Public interface IIntellisenseSessionStack Represents a stack of IntelliSense sessions. The stack manages session activation and currency.
Public interface IIntellisenseSessionStackMapService Provides access to all the IIntellisenseSessionStack objects created for all the different ITextView instances in the application.
Public interface IParameter Represents an individual parameter description inside the description of a signature for Signature Help (Parameter Info).
Public interface IPopupIntellisensePresenter Defines an IntelliSense presenter that is rendered as a popup within an ITextView.
Public interface IQuickInfoBroker Defines a Quick Info broker.
Public interface IQuickInfoSession Represents an IntelliSense session used to display Quick Info information.
Public interface IQuickInfoSource Represents a Quick Info provider, which acts as a provider of Quick Info information for a text buffer.
Public interface IQuickInfoSourceProvider Represents a factory of Quick Info sources.
Public interface ISignature Represents an individual signature displayed in a tool, such as the signature help tool.
Public interface ISignatureHelpBroker Defines the signature help broker, which is the primary component of the signature help process.
Public interface ISignatureHelpSession Defines an IntelliSense session used for displaying signature help.
Public interface ISignatureHelpSource Defines a provider of signature help information that is used in the IntelliSense process.
Public interface ISignatureHelpSourceProvider Defines an extension used to create signature help providers from a given ITextBuffer opened in a given context.
Public interface ISmartTagAction Defines a smart tag action.
Public interface ISmartTagBroker Defines a smart tag broker, which is responsible for triggering smart tags. Components call methods on the broker in order to trigger smart tags.
Public interface ISmartTagSession Defines a smart tag session, which encapsulates all the information about a particular invocation of the smart tag system.
Public interface ISmartTagSource Defines a source for smart tag data.
Public interface ISmartTagSourceProvider Defines a provider of a smart tag source.
Public interface ITextFormattable Provides a way to override the text formatting properties for an object.
Public interface IUIElementProvider<TItem, TContext> Defines the provider of WPF UIElements for objects of a certain type, for a specified context.
Public interface IWpfKeyboardTrackingService Defines a MEF service responsible for tracking the keyboard in hosts of the WPF editor.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CompletionMatchType Defines the types of matching that can be done on completion items.
Public enumeration IntellisenseKeyboardCommand Represents the set of keyboard commands that can be issued to IntelliSense presenters.
Public enumeration SmartTagState The set of smart tag session states.
Public enumeration SmartTagType The set of smart tag session types.
Public enumeration StandardGlyphGroup Describes the different types of glyphs that can be displayed in the default completion tool implementation.
Public enumeration StandardGlyphItem Describes icons or glyphs that are used in statement completion.
Public enumeration UIElementType Describes types of UIElements to be provided by an IUIElementProvider<TItem, TContext>.