Microsoft.VisualStudio.Utilities Namespace


  Class Description
Public class BaseDefinitionAttribute Represents a base definition of the current definition.
Public class ContentTypeAttribute Declares an association between an extension and a particular content type.
Public class ContentTypeDefinition Defines a content type.
Public class DisplayNameAttribute Provides a display name for an editor component part.
Public class FileExtensionAttribute Identifies a file extension.
Public class FileExtensionToContentTypeDefinition Specifies a mapping between a content type and a file extension.
Public class MultipleBaseMetadataAttribute A base class for attributes that can appear multiple times on a single component part.
Public class NameAttribute Associates a name with an editor extension part.
Public class OrderAttribute Orders multiple instances of an extension part.
Public class Orderer Performs a topological sort of orderable extension parts.
Public class PropertyCollection Allows property owners to control the lifetimes of the properties in the collection.
Public class SingletonBaseMetadataAttribute A base class for attributes that can appear only once on a single component part.


  Interface Description
Public interface IContentType The content type of an object.
Public interface IContentTypeDefinition Describes a content type that is being introduced using IContentTypeDefinitionSource.
Public interface IContentTypeDefinitionSource Defines an alternate source for content type definitions that should be processed together with content types introduced statically using ContentTypeDefinition.
Public interface IContentTypeRegistryService The service that maintains the collection of content types.
Public interface IFileExtensionRegistryService The service that manages associations between file extensions and content types.
Public interface IOrderable Associated with an orderable part.
Public interface IPropertyOwner Provides ownership of an arbitrary set of properties.