Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text Namespace


  Class Description
Public class ContentTypeChangedEventArgs Provides information about the ContentTypeChanged event.
Public class EncodingChangedEventArgs Provides information for the EncodingChanged event.
Public class NormalizedSnapshotSpanCollection A read-only collection of SnapshotSpan objects, all from the same snapshot.
Public class NormalizedSpanCollection A collection of spans that are sorted by start position, with adjacent and overlapping spans combined.
Public class PreContentChangedEventArgs Information provided before content changes.
Public class SnapshotSpanEventArgs Provides information for events that report changes that affect a span of text.
Public class TextBufferCreatedEventArgs Provides information about a newly created ITextBuffer.
Public class TextContentChangedEventArgs Provides information about an edit transaction on an ITextBuffer.
Public class TextContentChangingEventArgs Provides information about an upcoming edit transaction on a ITextBuffer
Public class TextDataModelContentTypeChangedEventArgs Provides information for the ContentTypeChanged event.
Public class TextDocumentEventArgs Provides information for events raised when an ITextDocument has been created or disposed.
Public class TextDocumentFileActionEventArgs Provides information for events that are raised when an ITextDocument has loaded from or saved to disk.
Public class TextSnapshotChangedEventArgs Provides information about a transaction on a ITextBuffer that causes a new ITextSnapshot to be generated.
Public class TextSnapshotToTextReader Provides a TextReader facade over a text snapshot.


  Structure Description
Public structure EditOptions Options applicable to text editing transactions.
Public structure SnapshotPoint An immutable text position in a particular text snapshot.
Public structure SnapshotSpan An immutable text span in a particular text snapshot.
Public structure Span Represents a range.
Public structure VirtualSnapshotPoint Represents a SnapshotPoint that may have virtual spaces.
Public structure VirtualSnapshotSpan Represents the range between two VirtualSnapshotPoint objects.


  Interface Description
Public interface IEncodingDetector Attempts to detect the text encoding associated with a stream.
Public interface IExtensionErrorHandler Allows editor hosts to detect exceptions that get captured at extension points.
Public interface IMappingPoint A position in a ITextBuffer that can be mapped within a IBufferGraph.
Public interface IMappingSpan A span in a ITextBuffer that can be mapped within a IBufferGraph.
Public interface INormalizedTextChangeCollection A normalized list of ITextChange objects. Changes are sorted in ascending order of position, and abutting and overlapping changes are combined into a single change.
Public interface IReadOnlyRegion Tracks a possibly empty read-only region of text.
Public interface IReadOnlyRegionEdit Represents a set of read-only region editing operations (creating and removing read-only regions on an ITextBuffer.
Public interface ITextBuffer A mutable sequence of Unicode (UTF-16) characters.
Public interface ITextBufferEdit Represents edit operations against a ITextBuffer.
Public interface ITextBufferFactoryService The factory service for ordinary text buffers.
Public interface ITextChange Describes a single contiguous text change operation on the text buffer.
Public interface ITextDataModel Prepares the ITextBuffer for presentation in the editor.
Public interface ITextDocument Represents a document in the file system that persists an ITextBuffer.
Public interface ITextDocumentFactoryService Represents a service that creates, loads, and disposes text documents.
Public interface ITextEdit Represents a set of editing operations on an ITextBuffer.
Public interface ITextSnapshot Provides read access to an immutable snapshot of a ITextBuffer that contains a sequence of Unicode characters.
Public interface ITextSnapshotLine Represents a line of text from an ITextSnapshot.
Public interface ITextVersion Describes a version of an ITextBuffer. Each application of an ITextEdit to a text buffer generates a new ITextVersion.
Public interface ITrackingPoint A tracking position in an ITextBuffer.
Public interface ITrackingSpan A span of text in an ITextBuffer that grows or shrinks with changes to the text buffer. The span may be empty.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CustomTrackToVersion Provides a custom implementation of span tracking. This delegate should be implemented by custom tracking spans.
Public delegate DynamicReadOnlyRegionQuery The callback for notifying read-only regions of edits.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EdgeInsertionMode Defines the edge insertion modes for read-only regions.
Public enumeration FileActionTypes Describes the type of file action.
Public enumeration PointTrackingMode Represents tracking modes for ITrackingPoint objects.
Public enumeration PositionAffinity Describes whether a position in a ITextBuffer that can be thought of as lying between two characters is coupled to the preceding character or the following character.
Public enumeration ReloadResult Represents the possible results of reloading a text document.
Public enumeration SpanTrackingMode Represents tracking modes for ITrackingSpan objects.
Public enumeration TrackingFidelityMode Represents special tracking behaviors for ITrackingPoint and ITrackingSpan objects.