Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Editor Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AdornmentLayerDefinition Provides information for an IAdornmentLayer export.
Public class AppearanceCategoryOption Represents the appearance category option.
Public class AutoScrollEnabled Defines the option to enable auto-scroll.
Public class BackgroundBrushChangedEventArgs Provides information for the BackgroundBrushChanged event.
Public class CaretPositionChangedEventArgs Provides information for the PositionChanged event.
Public class ChangeTrackingMarginEnabled Defines the option to enable the change-tracking margin.
Public class CollapseHintAdornmentControl Highlights an outlining region in the text view when the mouse hovers over this region in the outlining margin.
Public class ConvertTabsToSpaces The option definition that determines whether to convert tabs to spaces.
Public class CutOrCopyBlankLineIfNoSelection Defines the option to cut or copy a blank line if the selection is empty.
Public class DefaultOptions Common editor default options.
Public class DefaultTextViewHostOptions Represents common IWpfTextViewHost-related options.
Public class DefaultTextViewOptions Defines common ITextView options.
Public class DefaultWpfViewOptions Represents common IWpfTextView options.
Public class DisplayUrlsAsHyperlinks The option definition that determines if URLs should be displayed as hyperlinks.
Public class DragDropEditing Defines the view option for drag/drop editing.
Public class EditorOptionChangedEventArgs Provides information for the OptionChanged event.
Public class EditorOptionDefinition The definition of an editor option.
Public class EditorOptionDefinition<T> Represents the definition of an editor option.
Public class GlyphMarginEnabled Defines the option to enable the glyph margin.
Public class GridCellLengthAttribute This class associates a grid cell size with a MEF export.
Public class GridUnitTypeAttribute This class associates a GridUnitType value with a MEF export.
Public class HighlightCurrentLineOption Represents the option to highlight the current line.
Public class HorizontalScrollBarEnabled Defines the option to enable the horizontal scroll bar.
Public class ImeTextComposition Represents a text composition generated by the IME processing of the ITextView.
Public class IndentSize The option definition that determines the size (in number of spaces) of an indent.
Public class IntraTextAdornment Support for intra-text adornments that are provided with IntraTextAdornmentTag objects.
Public class IntraTextAdornmentTag Represents a tag that provides adornments to be interspersed with text.
Public class IsViewportLeftClipped Defines the option to clip the ViewportLeft property to the width of the text.
Public class KeyProcessor Processes the keyboard input of the editor.
Public class LineNumberMarginEnabled Defines the option to enable the line number margin.
Public class MarginContainerAttribute Specifies the type of margin container.
Public class MouseHoverAttribute An attribute to be placed on an event handler for MouseHover, specifying the delay between the time when the mouse stops moving and the generation of the hover event.
Public class MouseHoverEventArgs Provides information for the MouseHover event.
Public class MouseProcessorBase Provides a base implementation for mouse bindings, so that clients can override only the methods they need.
Public class MouseWheelZoomEnabled Defines the option to enable the mouse wheel zoom
Public class NewLineCharacter The option definition that specifies the newline character or characters.
Public class OutliningCollapsedAdornmentControl Represents collapsed text in the text view.
Public class OutliningMarginBracketControl Indicates the vertical extent of an expanded outlining region and allows the user to collapse it.
Public class OutliningMarginControl Represents the outlining margin.
Public class OutliningMarginEnabled Defines the option to enable the outlining margin.
Public class OutliningMarginHeaderControl Enables an outlining region to be collapsed and expanded.
Public class OutliningUndoEnabled The option definition that determines whether outlining is undoable.
Public class OverwriteMode Defines the view option for overwrite mode.
Public class PredefinedAdornmentLayers Includes the names of the adornment layers predefined by the editor.
Public class PredefinedMarginNames Includes the predefined margin names.
Public class PredefinedTextViewRoles The set of the names of predefined text view roles.
Public class ProduceScreenReaderFriendlyText Defines the option to enable providing annotated text in automation controls so that screen readers can properly read contents of code.
Public class ReplicateNewLineCharacter Determines whether to duplicate a newline character when inserting a line.
Public class SelectionMarginEnabled Defines the option to enable the selection margin.
Public class SimpleGraphicsOption Represents the option to draw a selection gradient as opposed to a solid color selection.
Public class SpaceReservationAgentChangedEventArgs Provides information for the AgentChanged event.
Public class SpaceReservationManagerDefinition Represents metadata for an ISpaceReservationManager.
Public class TabSize The option definition that determines the number of spaces of a tab.
Public class TextViewCreatedEventArgs Provides information for the TextViewCreated event.
Public class TextViewLayoutChangedEventArgs Provides information for the LayoutChanged event.
Public class TextViewRoleAttribute Use this attribute to specify the kinds of TextViews to which an extension applies.
Public class UseVirtualSpace Defines the option to use virtual space.
Public class UseVisibleWhitespace Defines the option to use visible whitespace.
Public class VerticalScrollBarEnabled Defines the option to enable the vertical scroll bar.
Public class ViewOptionDefinition<T> Defines a ITextView-specific editor option.
Public class ViewProhibitUserInput Defines the Prohibit User Input option.
Public class ViewState Represents the state of a view in terms of the size of its viewport (the area visible in the document window), visual snapshot, and editable snapshot.
Public class WordWrapStyle Defines the word wrap style option.
Public class WpfTextViewKeyboardFilterName Represents the KeyboardFilter ordering name.
Public class WpfViewOptionDefinition<T> Defines an editor option specific to an IWpfTextView.
Public class ZoomConstants Defines the constants used for zoom operations.
Public class ZoomControl Represents a zoom control in the text view.
Public class ZoomControlEnabled Defines the option to enable the zoom control.
Public class ZoomLevelChangedEventArgs Provides information for the ZoomLevelChanged event.
Public class ZoomLevelConverter Allows conversion between string and double representations of the zoom level.


  Structure Description
Public structure CaretPosition Represents the position of a caret in an ITextView.
Public structure EditorOptionKey<T> Represents a type-safe key for editor options.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAdornmentLayer Represents an adornment layer.
Public interface IAdornmentLayerElement Defines an element in an adornment layer.
Public interface IEditorOptions Represents common editor options and an extensible mechanism for modifying values and adding new options.
Public interface IEditorOptionsFactoryService Represents a service that gets IEditorOptions for a specified scope or for the global scope.
Public interface IGlyphFactory Provides a visual for a specific glyph type.
Public interface IGlyphFactoryProvider Provides an IGlyphFactory.
Public interface IGlyphMouseProcessorProvider Provides a mouse binding for the glyph margin.
Public interface IGlyphTag Represents a glyph tag, which is consumed by the glyph margin to place glyph visuals.
Public interface IKeyProcessorProvider Creates a KeyProcessor for a given IWpfTextViewHost.
Public interface IMouseProcessor Provides extensions for mouse bindings.
Public interface IMouseProcessorProvider Creates a WPF mouse processor for a given text view.
Public interface IScrollMap Defines the mapping between character positions and scrollmap coordinates.
Public interface IScrollMapFactoryService Creates or reuses an IScrollMap for an ITextView.
Public interface ISmartIndent Provides methods that compute the desired indentation for a line.
Public interface ISmartIndentationService Determines automatic indentation when the enter key is pressed or when navigating to an empty line.
Public interface ISmartIndentProvider Gets an ISmartIndent object for a given ITextView.
Public interface ISpaceReservationAgent Handles the display of space reservation adornments.
Public interface ISpaceReservationManager Manages space reservation adornments.
Public interface ITextCaret Represents the caret associated with an ITextView.
Public interface ITextEditorFactoryService Creates editor views.
Public interface ITextSelection Represents the selected text in an ITextView.
Public interface ITextView Represents a view of text in an ITextBuffer. It is the base class for a platform-specific interface that has methods to allow the formatted text to be rendered.
Public interface ITextViewLineCollection Represents a helper class for accessing the view's collection of ITextViewLine objects. The TextViewLines property is used to get an instance of this interface.
Public interface ITextViewMargin Represents the margin that is attached to an edge of an ITextView.
Public interface ITextViewModel Represents a set of ITextBuffer objects that take part in the presentation of text in a particular ITextView.
Public interface ITextViewModelProvider Provides ITextViewModel objects.
Public interface ITextViewRoleSet Set of text view roles.
Public interface IVerticalFractionMap Maps between character positions and fractions of the total vertical extent of an ITextView.
Public interface IVerticalScrollBar Represents a vertical scroll bar.
Public interface IViewScroller Represents a helper class for the ITextView, and provides basic functionality for scrolling. The ViewScroller property of ITextView is used to get an instance of the this interface.
Public interface IWpfTextView Represents a Visual Studio ITextView for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform.
Public interface IWpfTextViewConnectionListener Listens to text buffers of a particular content type to find out when they are opened or closed in the text editor.
Public interface IWpfTextViewCreationListener Listens to text view created events.
Public interface IWpfTextViewHost Contains an IWpfTextView and the margins that surround it, such as a scrollbar or line number gutter.
Public interface IWpfTextViewLineCollection Allows the ITextView to access the view's collection of ITextViewLine objects. You can use the TextViewLines property to get an instance of the ITextViewLineCollection interface.
Public interface IWpfTextViewMargin Represents WPF text view margins.
Public interface IWpfTextViewMarginProvider Creates an IWpfTextViewMargin for a given IWpfTextViewHost.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate AdornmentRemovedCallback Defines the behavior when a UIElement is removed from an IAdornmentLayer.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AdornmentPositioningBehavior Defines the positioning of adornments.
Public enumeration ConnectionReason Defines the reasons for connecting or disconnecting a text buffer and a text view.
Public enumeration EnsureSpanVisibleOptions Options to control the behavior of the EnsureSpanVisible method.
Public enumeration ScrollDirection The direction in which to scroll the ITextView.
Public enumeration TextSelectionMode Represents the different selection modes (simple and box).
Public enumeration ViewRelativePosition Defines the meaning of the verticalOffset parameter in the DisplayTextLineContainingBufferPosition method and the relativeTo parameter in the DisplayTextLineContainingBufferPosition() method.
Public enumeration WordWrapStyles Sets a bitwise combination of enumeration values to specify the word wrap style of an ITextView.