Microsoft.VisualStudio.Text.Formatting Namespace

For information about formatting, see the "Formatted Text" section of Inside the Editor.


  Class Description
Public class TextAndAdornmentSequenceChangedEventArgs Provides information for the SequenceChanged event.
Public class TextFormattingParagraphProperties Provides text formatting properties.
Public class TextFormattingRunProperties Holds text formatting property information. This class derives from the abstract TextRunProperties class.


  Structure Description
Public structure LineTransform Represents the transform from a formatted text line to a rendered text line.
Public structure TextBounds The bounds of a span of text in a given text line.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAdornmentElement Represents a sequence element that consists of an adornment.
Public interface IFormattedLine Represents a line of formatted text in the ITextView.
Public interface IFormattedLineSource Generates formatted line from text snapshots.
Public interface IFormattedTextSourceFactoryService Creates formatted text sources.
Public interface ILineTransformSource Provides the line transform for a line of formatted text.
Public interface ILineTransformSourceProvider Provides ILineTransformSource objects.
Public interface IRtfBuilderService Generates RTF-formatted text from a collection of snapshot spans.
Public interface ISequenceElement Represents the basic element in a sequence of elements that compose an ITextViewLine.
Public interface ITextAndAdornmentCollection Represents a list of ISequenceElement objects generated by the ITextAndAdornmentSequencer.
Public interface ITextAndAdornmentSequencer Creates a sequence of text and adornment elements to compose an ITextSnapshotLine.
Public interface ITextAndAdornmentSequencerFactoryService Service to create an instance of an ITextAndAdornmentSequencer.
Public interface ITextParagraphPropertiesFactoryService Creates TextParagraphProperties classes to be used when lines on the view are being formatted.
Public interface ITextViewLine Represents text that has been formatted for display in a text view.
Public interface IWpfTextViewLine Represents a line of rendered text in the ITextView.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TextViewLineChange Defines the possible types of change in a rendered text line between one layout and another.
Public enumeration VisibilityState Specifies the visibility of an ITextViewLine with respect to the visible area when the line was rendered.