How to: Use Quick Find to Isolate Dynamic Parameters in Web Performance Test Playback

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You can try to isolate playback issues caused because the Web site uses dynamic parameters. For example, a Web site might use a dynamic report session string. To find dynamic parameters, you can use the quick find option in the Web Performance Test Results Viewer. For more information, see Web Performance Test Results Viewer Overview.

To use quick find in playback

  1. In the Web Performance Test Results Viewer, click the request that you suspect is failing because of a dynamic parameter issue.

  2. Click the Request tab.

  3. Scroll until you find QueryString Parameters or Form Post Parameters under the Name column.

  4. Right-click a parameter that you suspect might be dynamic and select Quick Find.

    The Find dialog box appears with the parameters value displayed under Find what.

  5. Click Find Next. If the query string's parameter's value is only found in the request you are currently debugging, and not in other requests, then it is likely a dynamic parameter.

  6. Next, you can use the recording log to discover when the dynamic property was set by the Web site and then use an extraction rule to extract the value and fix the dynamic parameter playback error. For more information, see How to: View Recording Log in Web Performance Test Playback, How to: Add an Extraction Rule from the Web Performance Test Playback and How to: Resolve Web Performance Test Playback Issues Caused by Dynamic Parameters.

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