Web Services Issues

The topics in this section describe what the Best Practices Analyzer tool for Team Foundation Server evaluates with respect to Web service configuration. These topics show you how you can resolve any errors, warnings, and non-default configurations that the tool discovers.

For a summary of the information that the tool reports for a health check, see Information Messages About Team Foundation.

In This Section

A configuration file contains namespace information

A directory is not found

A Web service could not be called

A Web site resource could not be found

Anonymous authentication is enabled

Impersonation is enabled

Incorrect or unexpected server bindings are set

Permissions to execute scripts on a virtual directory are not set

The built-in Users group does not have the necessary permissions

The ConnectionTimeout for a Web site is set to a non-default value

The MachineKeys directory is configured with non-default permissions

The port assignment does not match the default configuration

The restriction settings for IP addresses and domain names contain non-default values

The Web site for Team Foundation Server has been extended