SqlScriptComparer Constructor (SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider, ModelCollation, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean)

Initializes a new instance of the SqlScriptComparer class.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Schema.ScriptDom.Sql
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Schema.Sql (in Microsoft.Data.Schema.Sql.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    provider As SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider, _
    collation As ModelCollation, _
    ignoreWhiteSpace As Boolean, _
    ignoreComments As Boolean, _
    ignoreSemicolon As Boolean _
public SqlScriptComparer(
    SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider provider,
    ModelCollation collation,
    bool ignoreWhiteSpace,
    bool ignoreComments,
    bool ignoreSemicolon
    SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider^ provider, 
    ModelCollation^ collation, 
    bool ignoreWhiteSpace, 
    bool ignoreComments, 
    bool ignoreSemicolon
new : 
        provider:SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider * 
        collation:ModelCollation * 
        ignoreWhiteSpace:bool * 
        ignoreComments:bool * 
        ignoreSemicolon:bool -> SqlScriptComparer
public function SqlScriptComparer(
    provider : SqlDatabaseSchemaProvider, 
    collation : ModelCollation, 
    ignoreWhiteSpace : boolean, 
    ignoreComments : boolean, 
    ignoreSemicolon : boolean


  • ignoreWhiteSpace
    Type: System.Boolean
    Optionally ignores whitespace when comparing.
  • ignoreComments
    Type: System.Boolean
    Optionally ignores comments when comparing.
  • ignoreSemicolon
    Type: System.Boolean
    Optionally ignores semicolons when comparing.

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