Transact-SQL IntelliSense

IntelliSense provides several features to make your Transact-SQL programming experience more productive. This section describes details specific to the Transact-SQL editor. For more information about using IntelliSense, see Using IntelliSense.

Features Overview

The Transact-SQL editor provides the following IntelliSense features:

  • List Members: Provides a list of valid database objects for you to select from.

  • Complete Word: Helps you complete the names of objects that you are typing.

  • Parameter Info: Provides a tooltip that describes the parameters expected by functions as you type them.

  • Quick Info: Provides a tooltip that displays the complete declaration for an identifier when you move the mouse over it.

  • Code parsing: Provides delimiter matching and allows you to collapse code blocks.

  • Transact-SQL Code Snippets: Provide complete code for common Transact-SQL programming patterns.

Common Tasks

In the following table, you can find descriptions of common tasks that support this scenario and links to more information about how you can successfully complete those tasks.


Supporting Content

Adjust IntelliSense options: Your preferences may change, depending on your work style.

Use IntelliSense for coding Transact-SQL: IntelliSense helps you be more productive in a variety of ways.

Troubleshoot Transact-SQL IntelliSense: There are certain cases when IntelliSense options may not work as you expect.



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