Changing Existing Lab Management Configurations

After you have configured Lab Management, you might want to change the resources that you are using for a team project collection. You might want to add more resources as you create more virtual machines, templates, and environments, or change the integration service account, or add a build controller or test controller. 


Use the following topics to help you change existing Lab Management configurations:


Associated Topics

Change the host groups for your team project collection: You can add or remove host groups from your team project collection by using the Administration Console for Team Foundation, or you can use the command-line utility TFSLabConfig.

Change the library shares for your team project collection: You might want to add another library share to provide more storage for your virtual environments, templates, or virtual machines.

Use Lab Management to enable you to build, deploy, and test your application: You can add build controllers and test controllers to work with Lab Management to enable you to build, deploy, and test your application by using a virtual environment. You can also use a test controller to run automated tests from Microsoft Test Manager on your virtual machine, and collect data and diagnostics on your environment for manual or automated tests.

Change the integration service account that provides communication between the agents and controllers: We recommend that you change this user account regularly for security reasons.

Change Active Directory domain to which the SCVMM server belongs.

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