Microsoft.VisualStudio.ArchitectureTools.Extensibility.Uml Namespace

This namespace contains extensions to the UML types. The majority of the extensions are methods for creating new instances. There are also a number of helper methods and types that make it easier to navigate and update a UML model.

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  Class Description
Public class AcceptEventActionExtensions Extension methods for IAcceptEventAction.
Public class ActionExtensions Provides extension methods.
Public class ActivityDesignerExtensionAttribute Apply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on UML activity diagrams.
Public class ActivityExtensions Extension methods for IActivity.
Public class ArtifactExtensions Extension methods for IArtifact.
Public class BehavioralFeatureExtensions Extension methods for IBehavioralFeature.
Public class BehavioredClassifierExtensions Extension methods for BehavioredClassifier.
Public class BehaviorExtensions Extension methods for IBehavior.
Public class CallActionExtensions Extension methods for CallAction.
Public class CallOperationActionExtensions Extension methods for ICallOperationAction.
Public class ClassDesignerExtensionAttribute Apply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on UML class diagrams.
Public class ClassExtensions Extension methods for IClass.
Public class ClassifierExtensions Extension methods for IClassifier.
Public class CombinedFragmentExtensions Provides extension methods.
Public class ComponentDesignerExtensionAttribute Apply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on UML component diagrams.
Public class ComponentExtensions Extension methods for IComponent.
Public class ConnectableElementExtensions Extension methods for IConnectableElement.
Public class ConstraintExtensions Extension methods for IConstraint.
Public class EnumerationExtensions Extension methods for IEnumeration.
Public class EnumerationLiteralExtensions Extension methods for IEnumerationLiteral.
Public class ExecutionSpecificationExtensions Extension methods for IExecutionSpecification.
Public class InteractionConstraintExtensions Extension methods for InteractionConstraint.
Public class InteractionExtensions Provides extension methods.
Public class InteractionOperandExtensions Extension methods for IInteractionOperand.
Public class InterfaceExtensions Extension methods for IInterface.
Public class InvocationActionExtensions Extension methods for IInvocation.
Public class IShapeExtensions Provides extension methods.
Public class LifelineExtensions Extension methods for ILifeline.
Public class MessageExtensions Extension methods for manipulating Interactions.
Public class ModelStore
Public class MultiplicityElementExtensions Extension methods for IMultiplicityElement.
Public class NamedElementExtensions Extension methods for INamedElement.
Public class NamespaceExtensions Extension methods for INamespace.
Public class ObjectNodeExtensions Provides extension methods.
Public class OpaqueActionExtensions OpaqueAction extension method for manipulating contained IInputPin model elements
Public class OperationExtensions Extension methods for IOperation.
Public class PackageExtensions Extension method for manipulating package contents.
Public class ParameterExtensions Extension methods for IParameter.
Public class ProfileStereotypeExtensions Extension methods relating to profiles and stereotypes.
Public class PropertyExtensions Extension methods for IProperty.
Public class ReferenceConstants Predefined names for use with IReference.
Public class SendSignalActionExtensions Extension methods for ISendSignalAction.
Public class SequenceDesignerExtensionAttribute Apply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on UML sequence diagrams.
Public class SetOwnerExtensions Extension methods to change owner.
Public class StructuredClassifierExtensions Extension methods for IStructuredClassifier.
Public class TemplateBindingExtensions Extension methods for ITemplateBinding.
Public class TemplateParameterExtensions Extension methods for ITemplateParameter.
Public class UmlExtensions Extension methods for IElement, which is the superclass of all UML model element types.
Public class UseCaseDesignerExtensionAttribute Apply this attribute to a class that defines an extension on UML use case diagrams.
Public class UseCaseExtensions Extension methods for manipulating Use Cases.
Public class ValidationContextExtensions Extensions for ValidationContext.


  Interface Description
Public interface IInsertionPoint A point on a Lifeline at which messages can begin or end, and where other elements can be attached.
Public interface ILinkedWorkItemExtension Implement and export this interface to define a handler for work item links. This is called when an element in a UML model is linked to a TFS work item.
Public interface IModelStore The store associated with an IModelingProject, in which UML model elements are stored.
Public interface IReference An IReference can link an IElement to a work item, a URL, or an element in another model. Use IElement.AddReference() to create the link.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration TemplateParameterKind Used to specify what kind of element can be used as an argument to a template parameter.